..:: About Dimitar Kalinov & VPD ::..

My name is Dimitar Kalinov.
I'm a funny weirdo with an inborn jazz infection and addiction to trip-hop and ambient music.
I try to make music so I can communicate with other people who try to make music.
I'm a creative commoner and a linux enthusiast.
I love maths and physics, and I'm interested in programming and sound processing.
I'm also into photography, electronics and graphic/web design.

..:: Latest news & updates ::..

(2017/01/28): New track published: Colours of Melancholia - Gretchen Murks (VPD Remix)
This remix is mostly like a remastered version of the original track, with some major sound enhancements and minor changes in arrangement.

(2017/01/22): New track published: My Sympathies (feat. Sai)
Finally it's complete! This was one of those hundreds unfinished beats of mine, waiting for the right music elements. Massive thanks to Sai for the wonderful guitar pads and riffs!

(2016/07/28): Violent Public Disorderaz is now known as VPD
Due to so much violent acts happening in this ridiculous world recently, I've decided to change the name of my music project to VPD (previously known as Violent Public Disorderaz). Most of you already call me this way, so it's nothing new for you! Thank you for your understanding! Much love!